Going to the chapel! Wait, how do I get there?

I am getting MARRIED.  I know.  Crazy right?  The Quail and I have been engaged for almost three months and so far we have not done much in the way of planning.  Brooklyn is an expensive place to get married.  We met here though.  We live here.  We fell in love here–getting married here is important to us.  We just need to find a place that doesn’t cost a third of my yearly salary.  And we need to figure out what kind of wedding we want.  When we talk about it, we talk more about having the people we love there with us to celebrate.  We don’t talk about the food, the decor, or the venue.  We talk about the music, and the dancing, and all of the love surrounding us.  We were both blessed with amazing families and so many wonderful friends, and I want our wedding to reflect that.  I want to be able to look around and see that love and to feel it.  And I just want it to be a blast.  That is really what is most important to me.

My mom, sister, and almost four-year-old niece (and the flower girl!) are coming to town in a few weeks and I have an appointment at Lovely Bridal Shop.  I am especially fond of the Elizabeth Dye dresses, though the shop contains so many amazing dresses by great designers.  If I find the right dress everything else will fall into place, right?

By the way, the one above was Jackie Kennedy’s.  Stunning.


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