Spiked and Fizzy Lemonade

The Quail brings things home a lot. I should probably explain that we live in a pre-war Brooklyn building, and the basement is a giant treasure chest of deceased resident’s belongings (as morbid as that is) dating back to the 1920’s. It is a bit magical though. Recent digs have gotten us the original “Washington Hall” sign that hung on the building during its hotel days, an amazing stack of photos–including dancers posing on our rooftop in the ’30’s, and a beautiful leather handbag circa 1975.

We have furnished the better part of our apartment with basement wares. But sometimes The Quail brings too much and I immediately veto it.  Last week The Quail came home with a carbonation bottle from the basement.  I said, “We don’t need this” and he said, ” Fizzy lemonade”.  And then I quickly thought to add vodka.

Take a look:

Step 1: Assemble necessary items (Lemons, Sugar, Vodka, Water, Knife, Spoon, Carbonation bottle, pitcher, glasses)

Step 2: Cut lemons in half
Step 3: Juice Lemons

Step 4: Add sugar (to taste)

Steps 5, 6, and 7: Add water, vodka (to taste!), and pour into carbonation bottle

Steps 8 and 9: Attach CO2 cartridge and twist onto bottle. Shake, shake, shake.

Step 10: Add ice to designated glasses

Step 11: POUR!

Step 12: Enjoy!

*Photo credit to The Quail

**These fizzy delights are best enjoyed on Sunday afternoons while listening to Hank Williams and Johnny Cash records (The Quail found ours in the basement, by the way).


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