A Very Special Wedding

I had the honor of being a bridesmaid this past Friday in one of my oldest friend’s wedding in Wisconsin. The photos above are a little blurry, but I like them. I think they reflect how much fun the wedding was (plus the top three were taken while I was rollin’ in a limousine/party bus double-fisting a glass of champagne and a Miller Lite). The Quail got some photos of the ceremony and the reception, but, for me, it was one of those days that you’re having too good of a time to properly document it–and sometimes that is just fine.

The Quail and I spent all of last week in Wisconsin (more photos of our adventures to come!) and it was fantastic. He commented that he thinks he has now met every single one of my friends since several were in town for the wedding, and we had the time to meet up for drinks (and bowling!) with people a couple of times during the week. I loved that. There is something about the relationship you have with the people you grew up with (especially in a small town) that is just different from the relationship you have with friends you make later in life. There is no pretension and no competition–and after living in New York for ten years that is so refreshing. It is reassuring to know that all you have to be is yourself, and they love you. Plus, they know your parents, your stories, what high school was really like, and they will always, always, always dance to “Notorious Thugz” with you–especially at 3am in room 227 of the Comfort Inn in DeForest, WI.

We had a wonderful time. Congratulations, E and J! Your wedding was a blast.


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