Cave Of The Mounds

While the Quail and I were in Wisconsin we took a day trip with my sister and her family to Mount Horeb, WI (which just so happens to be the “The Troll Capital of the World”–who knew?) to have lunch at Schubert’s Cafe Bakery (such a cool old school diner!) and then went over to Blue Mounds, WI to take a tour the National Landmark Cave of The Mounds. Cave of the Mounds is pretty much a mandatory field trip for all kid in school anywhere in Southern Wisconsin, and I went in the sixth grade. As with most things, I thought it was much cooler as an adult. I remember in sixth grade the big entertainment was who was sneaking off to kiss, not the cave itself. Although I did get kissed once or twice this time around, I was a lot more interested in the history and science of the cave and the formations. The cave was accidentally discovered in 1939 when workers blasted into the cave removing limestone from the Brigham Farm. The rock within the cave dates back over 400 million years! Nature is incredible. More information can be found here.


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