New Glarus Brewing Company

New Glarus, WI is a sleepy little Swiss town about 30 miles from my parent’s house in Stoughton, WI. The Quail and I made the rolling country roads journey a little over a week ago. We had a delightful Swiss lunch at The Glarner Stube, checked out a couple antique stores, and then made our way up the hill to the New Glarus Brewing Company. The free and self-guided tour is really cool. The employees of the brewery are just going about their business (see that slightly off-kilter bottle on the right in the fifth picture from the top? Yeah, that fell off the line, exploded, and led about 5 others to fall and explode. They had to shut the whole thing down, clean up and realign the bottles) while you are able to walk around, observe and take pictures. After we took the tour we enjoyed a few beers (our favorites were the Spotted Cow, Moon Man, and the Dancing Man Wheat) in their hilltop beer garden overlooking the beautiful hills and farmland of Southern Wisconsin–not a bad way to spend an afternoon.


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