summer romance

I am in love with the 30 Days of Twist and Pin Hairstyles hair challenge on Hair Romance. I am pretty certain I am going to do my own hair at my wedding and am looking for something soft and romantic (tease: these are the same two words I would use to describe my dress). The three styles above (numbers 23, 14, and 6) are top contenders. I love how romantic and effortless they look, and that I could easily wear my hair this way on my wedding day or to a picnic in the park.

Speaking of soft and romantic, how dreamy are these summer dresses and sandals? My wedding shower is going to be a ladies only picnic in Prospect Park, and I think one of the above combinations would fit the Prosecco-sipping-cheese-and-fruit-munching occasion perfectly. My mom and sister and coming to New York for the occasion and I invited a few close girlfriends, so it should be a laid back and fun Saturday in the park with some of my favorite people. I can’t wait.

1. H & M

2. Lucky

3. Madewell

4. J. Crew

5. Zara

6. Rampage

7. Forever 21

8. Franco Sarto


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