Time Out

Planning a wedding can be all consuming. After realizing that we have practically not had a single conversation that did not include any wedding talk in weeks, we decided to go on a “no discussing wedding details” date on Saturday. First we stopped at the newly opened Red Lantern bike shop and bar* (seriously, how genius is that?), and then took a long late afternoon bike ride, stopped for dinner and saw a movie. It was so nice to just hang out–wedding stress-free–for a few hours. I think planning a wedding is really a true test of a relationship–if you can be fighting over ridiculous things like tablecloths one minute and then laughing the next, I think it’s safe to say that you will spend your whole lives together able to find humor in stressful situations.

*The Quail surprised me with that “I ♥ MY BIKE” bell after we left the bike shop. I love that he buys me little trinkets and surprises he knows I’ll like, and I know he always will.


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