Our Wedding

I’d like to share a few wedding photos and details, if you’d like to see:

The Quail and I were married at  The Dumbo Loft at 6pm on September 17th, 2011, and our wedding day was truly one of the happiest of my life. So much love went into it. Wedding planning is difficult. Wedding planning in New York City is almost impossible when you are in any way on a budget. Through so much kindness and help from our friends and families we were able to have an incredible day and an unforgettable celebration.

My little brother performed our wedding ceremony. We were having a hard time picking out an Officiant. I was really turned off by the fact that none of them knew us–how could they perform a heartfelt and special wedding ceremony? We did some research and found that you only have to be 14 years-old to officiate a wedding. We immediately thought of my brother. I should probably explain that my brother is the most confident 17 year-old that I have ever met. Teenage awkwardness? Nope. Nerves speaking in front of people? No, not at all. He did an incredible job. He was sweet. He was funny. He made our ceremony so much more personal and heartfelt than I could have ever imagined. Thank you, CVB.

My very talented Sister-in-Law, of Playful Cakes,  made our beautiful cake. We sat down with her and decided on a traditional four tier cake–alternating chocolate with ganache and vanilla with blackberry buttercream layers. She searched and was able to find quail wedding toppers on Etsy! Not only was the cake beautiful and delicious, the hours she spent baking, decorating and personalizing it meant so much to us.

The summer before the wedding we scoured second-hand shops, flea markets, and stoop sales in both New York and Wisconsin for vintage vases to use as our centerpieces. I wanted jewel tone colors, and we ended up with the perfect amount in rich purples, blues, greens and golds. My wonderful Momma did our flower arrangements for us. We went to the Flower District early Friday morning and picked out light pink Dahlias, pink and green Hydrangeas, tiny pink Tea Roses and various greens and filler flowers.  Early Saturday morning my mom and my aunts assembled our centerpieces and the bridal party’s bouquets in my basement. Everything came out beautifully. The vases added a great pop of color to the white tables and the flowers were classic and beautiful.

We kept the rest of the decorating simple. My sister, and Maid of Honor, ordered various paper lanterns (in the same jewel tones as the vases) and we hung them at various lengths over the dance floor. We strung cafe lights from the natural wood columns in The Dumbo Loft. We wrapped some tulle over the railings on the stairway and added big floral arrangements to the bar. I say it was simple, but we had aunts, cousins, uncles, friends, roommates, parents and brothers and sisters all there for us the morning of the wedding helping. This was when it truly hit me how lucky we are, and how special this occasion was.

Last, and maybe the sweetest, The Quail built the alter we were married under. With the help of his brother, he built and set up a beautiful alter for us to stand upon when we became man and wife. In the days leading up to the wedding he worked tirelessly on this alter. It was incredible and sweet and beautiful.

Every detail turned out wonderfully. We have so many great people in our lives that were there to help. Even when we talk about it now, over a month later, we still get choked up at the amount of love that was shown to us from our families and friends. It was a perfect day and I would do it all over again. We danced, we celebrated with those most important to us, and we enjoyed each other and the coming together of our families.

*Photo credits to Diane Diederich and Michael Diederich


4 thoughts on “Our Wedding

  1. Lovely! Can you tell me what steps you took to make your brother an officiant? I was under the impression that wasn’t technically legal in New York City, and would LOVE to discover otherwise…thanks!

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