Holiday Gift Guide: Sweaters with whimsy

True story: The summer between eighth grade and high school my best friend E and I discovered J. Crew, more specifically J. Crew sweaters. We saved up and each bought one. I went with a buttery yellow crewneck and E got a mossy green v-neck.  When they arrived in their big brown boxes we did not let the July heat deter us from wearing them–all the time.  One instance that stands out in particular is wearing them to our town’s Fair. Walking around dusty small town fairgrounds wearing thick wool sweaters in July sounds great, right? We were miserable, but, even so, we thought we looked cool. To say we loved them would be an enormous understatement. I’m not sure exactly what it was to be honest. It isn’t like we hadn’t been picking out our own clothes for years, but for some reason this felt different. It felt grown up, chic even. We basically wore those sweaters out. We shared them, traded them, and wore them until we couldn’t wear them anymore.

I thought about this story as I was rounding up sweaters I thought would make good gifts for the wonderful ladies in my life, and I noticed I kept gravitating toward more whimsical sweaters adorned with animals or sequins. Special sweaters, if you will. Sweaters special enough that your best friend, mom, or sister will to want to wear them even in July.

1. Cooperative//2. Wildfox//3. Anthropology//4. Madewell//5. Kate Spade//6. Forever 21//7. H & M//8. Dorothy Perkins


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