Happy Weekend!



Happy Friday, folks! Let’s end the week with some fun links, shall we?

I have been crushing on this dress all week, and it is 60% off!

In an effort to be greener, I bought a shampoo bar at Lush today. I can’t wait to try it.

I ordered this book for The Quail and I to read it together. Doesn’t it look fun?

Can I just  quit my job and open a restaurant?

I love this sweet Valentines Day card.

I feel bad complaining about the ridiculously mild Winter we’ve had, but I am ready for sandals and sun.

Have you seen the new trailer for The Hunger Games? Oh man, I am so excited for this movie!

My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and I would be very excited if someone (hint, hint) made me this monkey cake.

Any big plans for the Superbowl? The Quail made an enormous and awesome snack stadium that we are going to fill with yummy food for the game. I can’t wait. Have a great weekend!


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