Dora Maps

My sweet niece, Finley, loves Dora. When my sister told me she wanted to make Dora maps for her third birthday party, I volunteered to help out. I found this adorable felt map on Sew Homegrown and decided to personalize it for my sister’s backyard. After enlisting the help of my very crafty husband (it runs in the family), we created a template for each piece of the map–Dora, the slide, the tree, and the piñata–traced, and then cut them out of felt. Next, we hot glued the pieces to the white map and then added in the little black tracks. After the map dried we attached circles of Velcro (so you could roll it up), and added the map’s silly face to the outside.

It was a lot more time consuming that I had thought (so many little pieces!), but I am so glad we got them made and mailed on time for her party this Saturday. Even though we can’t be with her on that day, I hope we helped to make it special for such a sweet girl. Happy third birthday, Finny! We love you!


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