Thirteen for Thirteen


I know, I know. It has been 2013 for over a week, but Happy New Year anyway! Here are thirteen things, in no particular order, that I am wishing to accomplish/do/work at in the following year. Just for fun.

1. Be more present. The sunset isn’t any prettier if it gets posted on Instagram or Facebook. I need to put my phone away and just enjoy the moment. Sometimes life is better lived offline.
2. Knit more. I picked up knitting last winter, but never got past one wonky-looking scarf. I would like to be able to pull off a hat and a pair of wooly knee socks this year.
3. Turn 30. I know I am going to do this anyway, but I am kind of excited about it. I am ready for the beginning of a new decade, hopefully a better one.
4. Go see more stuff: concerts, plays, exhibits, movies, etc.
5. Spend more time in this space. I have fallen off blogging the past few months due to computer issues at home and I miss it and want to get back to it as much as I can.
6. Do a complete overhaul of my apartment. I have lived in the same place for close to TEN years (The Quail has been there for FIFTEEN—this is sort of unheard of in New York) and it is time to toss all the clothes that don’t fit, things I don’t use and college stuff I am holding onto purely for sentimental reasons. Fact: there is a closet brimming with things in our hallway that I haven’t opened in close to a year!
7. Start a Journal. I recently found my journal from my sophomore year of high school and, despite its horribly teenage and angst filled tone, I loved reading it. There were entire things I had forgotten about and things that made me cry to remember. Journaling was such an important part of my growing up years and I would love to get back into the habit of jotting down some thoughts/feelings at the end of the day.
8. Use my gym membership. This one is obvious and self-explanatory, but who doesn’t want to look better naked?
9. Plan a trip with The Quail. We never took a proper honeymoon and I would love to run away somewhere exotic with him this year. At least for a week.
10. Indulge in more time with the people that matter. Instead of sitting on my couch all day on a Saturday, go somewhere and do something with people I like to be with. This one goes along nicely with number 4.
11. See my newest niece on her actual birthday. This one is a bit tricky to plan, but I would love to be in Wisconsin when my sister goes into labor with her third beautiful girl.
12. Take a jewelry class. I took several in high school and would love to get back into a studio to do some bead making or soldering.
13. Learn to sew, at least a little bit. My grandma and my mom are phenomenal sewers and I have never tried to learn. Maybe this year I can find a cute sewing machine and make something (even if it is just a throw pillow).

It looks like i am in for an awful lot of crafting! Do you have any resolutions or goals for the upcoming year?

*The photo above is one The Quail took of me at The Brooklyn Museum. I thought it conjured being a bigger woman!


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