Stephanie K. Clark (and hi)

I have been gone from this space for far too long, friends. I’ve been busy? Summertime? I don’t know, the point is that I miss being here and I want to be here more. To start, I want to share the extraordinary work of Stephanie K. Clark. I came across this article about her embroidered homes and you know I can’t resist beautiful embroidery. Take a look:

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I love the colors, delicate details, and  use of shadows in her series of dwellings. They work together to tell a story. In her own words:

I consider myself a painter and I paint with thread.  The process of transforming string into art struck me as something visually stimulating with complex simplicity.

The idea of using embroidery permeates the feelings of my grandma’s home and the embroidery skills she has passed down to me.  With that, I use embroidery to create the domestic feel to tell the story of life in the home and family. 

Check out her website with more of her work here.


Yulia Brodskaya

Babushka-image Lovesdoves-main-image GypsyI came across these photos of  artist Yulia Brodskaya’s quilling portraits on HonestlyWTF this morning and was absolutely blown away. The amount of depth and character she is able to invoke with paper is amazing. See more portraits and her other stunning work here.


Cat Art

We all know that cats rule the internet, but in the past few weeks I have come across a couple of artists that use cats as their muse to create captivating, often hilarious and irresistible works. Check them out:

Heather Mattoon




There is something so endearing about the kitties in Heather Mattoon’s Cats in Clothes series. I love that the outfit completely defines the personality of each cat. Also, I love how they feel so dignified and stately, albeit they are cats in clothes. She has prints, greeting cards and custom portraits available on her website.

Casey Weldon

casey-weldon_01 casey-weldon_02 casey-weldon_03 casey-weldon_05

I am confused and fascinated by Casey Weldon’s four eyed cat paintings. I can’t look away. Check out his blog if you want to get lost for a few hours in his pop culture and nostalgia driven pieces. They’re compelling.

Mimi Vang Olsen

63924f4c5220 1189948410_mimi_vang_olsen_1 Mimi Vang Olsen ~ Goodrich, De Mimi Vang Olsen ~ Parsley, De

Mimi Vang Olsen is a pet portraitist with a shop in the West Village. Although she paints all kinds of pets, her cat portraits are what really shine for me. I love all of the pattern play and folk quality of her work. I would love to visit her shop someday.

And, because I am a true cat lady, here are my favorite portraits of my own kitties via Instagram:




Dora Maps

My sweet niece, Finley, loves Dora. When my sister told me she wanted to make Dora maps for her third birthday party, I volunteered to help out. I found this adorable felt map on Sew Homegrown and decided to personalize it for my sister’s backyard. After enlisting the help of my very crafty husband (it runs in the family), we created a template for each piece of the map–Dora, the slide, the tree, and the piñata–traced, and then cut them out of felt. Next, we hot glued the pieces to the white map and then added in the little black tracks. After the map dried we attached circles of Velcro (so you could roll it up), and added the map’s silly face to the outside.

It was a lot more time consuming that I had thought (so many little pieces!), but I am so glad we got them made and mailed on time for her party this Saturday. Even though we can’t be with her on that day, I hope we helped to make it special for such a sweet girl. Happy third birthday, Finny! We love you!

Embroidery Artists

I cam across artist Daniel Kornrumpf’s unbelievable embroidered portraits on Cup Of Jo today and was so blown away. I can’t get over the amount of painstaking detail that went into these beauties. Incredible.

I also recently read about artist Jazmin Berakha’s incredible embroidered pieces on Arthound. Again, the amount of detail is incredible, and I really love the whimsical quality of the moments she captures. Really, really stunning work.

The Brooklyn Flea (and a couple other things)

The Brooklyn Flea is outside again for the season! With so many artists, craftsmen, chefs, and vintage enthusiasts selling wares, visiting and supporting The Brooklyn Flea is one of my favorite things about living in Fort Greene. The Quail and I went on Saturday and it was amazing. The weather was perfect and the crowd, although large, was excited and enthusiastic.

This weekend was amazing, right? The weather was perfect–sunny and so warm. It finally feels like Spring. We tried to fit every warm weather activity in that we could. We perused the Fort Greene farmer’s market, took a bike ride through Prospect Park, found a new taco truck in the neighborhood (that I just might eat lunch at every Saturday), and drank beers on our stoop. Perfection.

Getting Crafty

I just spent an hour looking through Rosie Geissler’s flickr page and  blog.  I love these embroidered pieces!  So simple and so lovely.  So many of them would be great framed and hung up.  She is in the process of setting up an etsy shop too!

I always wished I had picked up more in the way of sewing and embroidery from my mom and grandmothers.  Last winter I took up knitting (though the enormously wide scarf I was making for The Quail remains unfinished in a box), perhaps this winter not only will I finish the scarf, but I will also take up embroidery.  It seems that the older I get the craftier I aspire to be.   And though temperatures in New York reached the 90’s again today, all I could think about was Sunday afternoons of football, working on projects, and making things in the crock pot.  Have I mentioned I am ready for cooler temperatures?  Yes?  Ok then.