Erin Considine Spring 2013

EC_Earring_01_1_BRASS EC_Necklace_06_2 EC_Necklace_15_2 EC_Necklace_16_2 EC_Necklace_19_1 ec1


As usual I am in love with Erin Considine’s new collection. Her mix of metals and textiles leads to such a beautiful, organic and rustic marriage in jewelry. Also, can we talk about how beautiful the light and the model in her Spring 2013 Lookbook are? Swoon.


Over the Weekend

5ptz3 5pts2 5ptz15ptz4 5ptz5 ps1 laundry

Hello! Even though Spring is not quite in the air yet, I had a very colorful weekend. Did you?

Photos 1-5 taken at 5 Pointz//Photo 6 taken at PS1//Photo 7 taken in my laundry room


Cat Art

We all know that cats rule the internet, but in the past few weeks I have come across a couple of artists that use cats as their muse to create captivating, often hilarious and irresistible works. Check them out:

Heather Mattoon




There is something so endearing about the kitties in Heather Mattoon’s Cats in Clothes series. I love that the outfit completely defines the personality of each cat. Also, I love how they feel so dignified and stately, albeit they are cats in clothes. She has prints, greeting cards and custom portraits available on her website.

Casey Weldon

casey-weldon_01 casey-weldon_02 casey-weldon_03 casey-weldon_05

I am confused and fascinated by Casey Weldon’s four eyed cat paintings. I can’t look away. Check out his blog if you want to get lost for a few hours in his pop culture and nostalgia driven pieces. They’re compelling.

Mimi Vang Olsen

63924f4c5220 1189948410_mimi_vang_olsen_1 Mimi Vang Olsen ~ Goodrich, De Mimi Vang Olsen ~ Parsley, De

Mimi Vang Olsen is a pet portraitist with a shop in the West Village. Although she paints all kinds of pets, her cat portraits are what really shine for me. I love all of the pattern play and folk quality of her work. I would love to visit her shop someday.

And, because I am a true cat lady, here are my favorite portraits of my own kitties via Instagram:




Imaginary Outfit: Spring



It has been windy, snowy and wet the past few days in New York. Here is an imaginary bright and fun Spring outfit to take the edge off.

1. Target//2. Target //3. Hue//4. Need Supply//5. Dav//6. Medal

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Here are a few links I enjoyed this week:

Wild Belle’s new album Isles is streaming here and sounds like summer.

I love this oak bag.

I get to wear this gorgeous dress at my best friend’s wedding in June.

Speaking of, I keep thinking about my Matron of Honor speech at the wedding and have read this post (and cried) about seven times now. It is lovely and true and wonderful.

And, for fun, here is a photo of me and the best friend on Wednesday night behind the bookshelf bar The Quail built for our bonus room:


It is a beautiful piece and really deserves its own post, but this photo is too great not to share right now.

Have a good one!


Florence Arthaud

Sailing - Florence Arthaud

Sailing - Route du Rhum

French Sailor Florence Arthaud

Sailing - Florence Arthaud Sailing - Florence Arthaud FA2


I came across photos of French sailor Florence Arthaud while I was doing some photo research at work this week. What a beauty! Initially I admired her tomboyish style and those beautifully tousled waves, but after reading an interview she did right after she was the first woman to win the solo trans-Atlantic Route Du Rhum race in 1990, I fell in love with her independent spirit, her courageous lifestyle and her feisty nature as well.

After her win, a tabloid ran her story with the headline, “Florence, you’re a real man” to which she eloquently responded, “I don’t feel like a man at all. I don’t live like a man. I’m sure I am more delicate in my navigating, more sensitive.”  She adds, “I think women project in me their desire for liberty. I have always sailed in order to be free, to feel completely free; on the sea I am totally independent, alone.”

And about her life and her big win she said, “I have realized my dream, that`s extraordinary. There are not a lot of people who get to do that. I feel like I am living a fairy tale. I have never listened to anyone; I have always done what I wanted, when I wanted. I have had the life I wanted-and it has brought me victory.”

What an extraordinary woman.




emeraldPantone announced their choice for 2013’s Color of the Year was Emerald, describing it as

“Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty 

                                       that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.”.

In that spirit, I did a little round-up of jewelry featuring emeralds. Some of it is dainty, some of it is over the top. All of it is lively, radiant, and lush.

emeralds1. Blanca Monros Gomez//2. Lana//3. Two Feathers NY//4. Ross Simons//

5. Erie Basin//6. Jennifer Meyer//7. Gems out of Africa//8. Carla Caruso


Fall Looks I Love

Labor Day pretty much shut off Summer in New York City. Since it has been cold and rainy all week, I have been scouring the internet for Fall clothes and I came across whole looks that I adore. You know what? I think I’m kinda ready for the season change. Let’s do it!

1. Topshop Fall Lookbook via Fabsugar //// 2. Madewell //// 3. EmersonMade //// 4. Lands’ End Canvas //// 5. Zara //// 6. Target Back to School Lookbook via Fabsugar//// 7. J. Crew

Vintage Shoes

The past week has been all about shoes. I have been thinking about what kind of shoes I wanted to wear with my wedding gown for several months, but didn’t start really looking until about a week ago. I started off knowing that I wanted something fun and wasn’t very fond of the “Bridal Shoe” (white, satin, usually with rhinestones), so I started perusing Etsy for vintage shoes. Above are a few that I loved and didn’t buy. Not all of them necessary fit in the wedding category, I just bookmarked shoes I liked that I came across while searching–which is kind of the beauty of Etsy shopping, isn’t it?

1. Snakeskin Sandals //// 2. Camel Peep Toes //// 3. Red Cut-Outs //// 4. Brazilian Sandals //// 5. Summer Blues //// 6. Purple Peep Toes ////

7. Wooden Platforms //// 8. 70’s Platforms