Imaginary Outfit: Spring



It has been windy, snowy and wet the past few days in New York. Here is an imaginary bright and fun Spring outfit to take the edge off.

1. Target//2. Target //3. Hue//4. Need Supply//5. Dav//6. Medal

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. Here are a few links I enjoyed this week:

Wild Belle’s new album Isles is streaming here and sounds like summer.

I love this oak bag.

I get to wear this gorgeous dress at my best friend’s wedding in June.

Speaking of, I keep thinking about my Matron of Honor speech at the wedding and have read this post (and cried) about seven times now. It is lovely and true and wonderful.

And, for fun, here is a photo of me and the best friend on Wednesday night behind the bookshelf bar The Quail built for our bonus room:


It is a beautiful piece and really deserves its own post, but this photo is too great not to share right now.

Have a good one!



peach + turquoise

I am a big fan of the unexpected color combination. I clearly remember first thinking about this when I was  much younger and reading the Flowers in the Attic Series (remember Carrie’s deep love of  combining red and purple?). Peach and turquoise are just lovely together though, don’t you think? What is your favorite color combination?

1: Loved By Time & Urban Outfitters

2. Sparkle Farm & Asos

3. J. Crew & Topshop

4. Vaunty Victorian & Pottery Barn

5. Falcon Wright & Topshop & Loft