Advanced Style Video

These ladies have so much spirit! This video (via Nomadic D.) is amazing and so inspiring. It was made by Lila Plioplyte and Ari Seth Cohen  for The Nowness (Cohen also has a lovely blog called Advanced Style that you should check out).

I am immediately injecting more fun and color into my wardrobe. I am also going to pull out some of my bolder flea market finds more often and wear them unabashedly.

*Side note: I have been kind of obsessed with “Most Wanted” by The Cults lately, and have listened to it multiple times a day the past few weeks. It fits this video well!


Wooden Wonders

After posting about the Nada SAWAYA clutches I started thinking about how much I love natural wooden accessories. I rounded up some of my favorites on Etsy (I hope you like the new roundup format!) and am itching to buy all seven–if only those clogs were a few sizes smaller! Natural wood is such a laid back and perfect summer accessory.

1. Cubism Hoop Earrings 2. Handmade Wedge Sandals 3. 70’s Leather Platform Wood Wedge Buckle Clogs 4. Organic Wooden Earrings 5. 70’s Tropical Tribe Hand Carved Wood and Gold Leather Clog 6. Handmade Carved Wood Bracelet/Wood Cuff  7. Vintage Wood Serpent Bracelet

Nada SAWAYA Clutches

Confession: I have an addiction to clutches. I recently reorganized my closet and realized I have THREE drawers full of them (including an armadillo beauty similar to this). It started in high school when I got really into vintage purses, and they are still the thing I am always on the lookout at flea markets and thrift stores. I don’t have many that aren’t vintage, but came across these incredible Nada SWAYA clutches on Wit + Delight today made from stingray, metal and wood. Aren’t they fantastic? I am already scheming up ways to add them to my collection and dreaming up outfits for each and every one of them.

summer romance

I am in love with the 30 Days of Twist and Pin Hairstyles hair challenge on Hair Romance. I am pretty certain I am going to do my own hair at my wedding and am looking for something soft and romantic (tease: these are the same two words I would use to describe my dress). The three styles above (numbers 23, 14, and 6) are top contenders. I love how romantic and effortless they look, and that I could easily wear my hair this way on my wedding day or to a picnic in the park.

Speaking of soft and romantic, how dreamy are these summer dresses and sandals? My wedding shower is going to be a ladies only picnic in Prospect Park, and I think one of the above combinations would fit the Prosecco-sipping-cheese-and-fruit-munching occasion perfectly. My mom and sister and coming to New York for the occasion and I invited a few close girlfriends, so it should be a laid back and fun Saturday in the park with some of my favorite people. I can’t wait.

1. H & M

2. Lucky

3. Madewell

4. J. Crew

5. Zara

6. Rampage

7. Forever 21

8. Franco Sarto


Maybe it is because I have been listen to Dolly, Loretta, and Patsy on repeat lately. Maybe it is because I recently saw True Grit. Either way, I want to be a cowgirl when I grow up. In what I am hoping to become a regular feature, I did an Etsy round up for cowgirls. Can you fillies handle it?

1. Cranky Cowgirl

2. Jack Handmake

3. Fondue

4. Electicka

5. Pure Vintage Clothing

6. The Vintage Voice

7. Renee Loughlin

8. Silk Purse Sows Ear

Lovely Bridal Shop

In a (much) earlier post I wrote about going to the Lovely Bridal Shop in search of my wedding dress.  My best friend recently sent me some photos from that day that I would like to share.

I found Lovely Bridal Shop after I got the amazing Elizabeth Dye dresses stuck in my head months before we got engaged. I forget exactly how I came across her blog, but it was love at first sight.  My favorites were the  Oysters and Pearls, Honeychurch and Beatrix dresses, and I looked at them almost everyday. Since Lovely was the only store in New York City that sold them, I booked an appointment.  I went about this process similarly to applying for college–giving myself one shot to get it right and no safety net. I didn’t make appointments anywhere else.  And though I knew I wanted my mom and sister with me when I did find “the dress” (they flew in with my adorable niece specifically for this occasion), I just had a good feeling about Lovely.

Located in an adorable brownstone on a tree-lined street in the West Village, Lovely is in one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York City. The store itself is small, intimate and beautiful–it was exactly what I was looking for. With Elizabeth Dye dresses on my mind, I quickly scoured the racks.  I found the Honeychurch almost immediately and my heart raced with the thought that this could be it. Luckily the sales person assigned to me convinced me to bring some others (including strapless-which I was wholeheartedly against) upstairs.

The first dress I tried on was magical. It wasn’t Elizabeth Dye. It wasn’t at all what I was looking for. It was strapless. It fit though, perfectly. It complimented my body. It was “the dress”. I, and my whole entourage, was not not prepared for this dress–and for sure not prepared for it to be “the dress”. It was though. I tried on about seven others after, and one (above) came in a close second (mostly because I put on a veil and my mom cried) but it still didn’t have the magic that first dress had.

Moral of the story is: you think you know what you want and what you like, but you have to be open. I was lucky enough to go somewhere like Lovely and trust the brilliant salespeople. I said no to so many things about my dress, and it turned into “the dress”. I did have it though, that feeling. I doubted it from the start, but the second I was zipped into the dress I knew it was my dress. Being a bride in love is pure magic.

*The dress in the photo above is not my wedding dress.

**The Elizabeth Dye dresses I tried on were lovely, but they were not made for my body type.

***Photo Credit to the lovely and talented Kristen Diederich

LL Bean Signature Collection Fall ’10

I have gotten sloppy as of late.  Perhaps it is the heat that has ruined any form of trying while getting dressed in the morning.  It is so hard not to fall into a habit of slipping on the same comfortable and cool, yet sloppy clothes.  That is why I am loving the LL Bean Signature Fall 2010 collection.  So many pieces are professional enough for a workday, but could also look put together on those lovely and crisp Saturday afternoon walks.  I will say it again, bring on the fall.

View the entire Fall Collection here: LL Bean Signature Collection

All of their accessories are great too!