Florence Arthaud

Sailing - Florence Arthaud

Sailing - Route du Rhum

French Sailor Florence Arthaud

Sailing - Florence Arthaud Sailing - Florence Arthaud FA2


I came across photos of French sailor Florence Arthaud while I was doing some photo research at work this week. What a beauty! Initially I admired her tomboyish style and those beautifully tousled waves, but after reading an interview she did right after she was the first woman to win the solo trans-Atlantic Route Du Rhum race in 1990, I fell in love with her independent spirit, her courageous lifestyle and her feisty nature as well.

After her win, a tabloid ran her story with the headline, “Florence, you’re a real man” to which she eloquently responded, “I don’t feel like a man at all. I don’t live like a man. I’m sure I am more delicate in my navigating, more sensitive.”  She adds, “I think women project in me their desire for liberty. I have always sailed in order to be free, to feel completely free; on the sea I am totally independent, alone.”

And about her life and her big win she said, “I have realized my dream, that`s extraordinary. There are not a lot of people who get to do that. I feel like I am living a fairy tale. I have never listened to anyone; I have always done what I wanted, when I wanted. I have had the life I wanted-and it has brought me victory.”

What an extraordinary woman.