Vintage Shoes

The past week has been all about shoes. I have been thinking about what kind of shoes I wanted to wear with my wedding gown for several months, but didn’t start really looking until about a week ago. I started off knowing that I wanted something fun and wasn’t very fond of the “Bridal Shoe” (white, satin, usually with rhinestones), so I started perusing Etsy for vintage shoes. Above are a few that I loved and didn’t buy. Not all of them necessary fit in the wedding category, I just bookmarked shoes I liked that I came across while searching–which is kind of the beauty of Etsy shopping, isn’t it?

1. Snakeskin Sandals //// 2. Camel Peep Toes //// 3. Red Cut-Outs //// 4. Brazilian Sandals //// 5. Summer Blues //// 6. Purple Peep Toes ////

7. Wooden Platforms //// 8. 70’s Platforms